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We offer full manicure to our clients. These includes nail trimming, buffing, shaping and removing cuticles. We go further to massage your hands and polish your nails according to your polish choice.

Men Manicure (No Polish): $25

With Regular Polish: $30

With Gel Polish: $40

Polish Change - Regular: $15+

Polish Change - Gel: $30+

Add-on White Tips: +$10

Paraffin For Hands: $10


This is a most amazing nail product we have ever used on our customers, this dipping powder system makes your nails stronger, healthier and looking great. A great alternative to gels and acrylics.

New set color NO tips: $45

New set color with tips: $50+

New set French/Ombre NO tips: $55+

New set French/Ombre W. tips: $60+


We have professionals who fix acrylic nails to look as natural as possible. For a better understanding of acrylic nails we take you through what are acrylic nails and how they are done. These acrylic nails are nail extensions which are fitted to give your nails a fantastic look. They are done in different shapes and shades according to your liking. But our professionals will advice on what shape to fit you.

New Set Acrylic: $40+

New Set with Gel Polish: $50+

Fill Acrylic: $30+

Fill with Gel Polish: $40+

Add-on White Tips: +$10

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